Pandora Village Officials


John Schlumbohm

President of Council

Kevin Swary

Village Administrator

Stan Schneck

Fiscal Officer

Kim Reese

Income Tax Administrator

Kim Reese

Village Solicitor

Scott Basinger

Fire Chief

Jason Kinsinger

EMS Chief

Chad Blue 

Riley Township Fiscal Officer

Marcia Shutz

Riley Township Trustees

Gene Amstutz

Mark Kinsinger

William Schroeder

Ptl. Kyle Hall

Scott Basinger Solicitor

Stan Schneck Administrator


(Top Row Left to Right: Lee Eisenbach, Paul Burkholder, Kevin Swary)

(Bottom Row Left to Right: Rachel Miller, John Schlumbohm, Lisa Buess, Jeremy Liechty)


Chief of Police

Officer Scott Stant

Chief Scott Stant